Malaysia Fertilizer
Milagro Premium is an organic fertilizer that contains 1.5 - 2.0 million good microbial colonies to help increase and accelerate the yield of crops and flower trees in addition to neutralizing soil pH. 

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1 Pack 1Kg.    -  RM30.00 (WM) RM38.00 (EM).
2 Packs 2Kgs -  RM58.00 (WM) RM74.00 (EM)
3 Packs 3Kgs -  RM84.00 (WM) RM108.00 (EM)
4 Packs 4Kgs - RM108.00 (WM) RM140.00 (EM)
5 Packs 5Kgs - RM130.00 (WM) RM170.00(EM)